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How To Get Facebook Generator Code By Email

How to get security code from Facebook via email? My cell phone number has expired, so I can’t receive security code SMS, is there any other way than via SMS? Find the answer here. Please use the table of contents below to go directly to the topic you want.

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Continuing to the main discussion, can the generator code or security code from Facebook be sent to email? The answer… depends.

Yes. The answer depends on the condition you are experiencing.
Login Condition but Failed to Confirm Mobile Number

If your condition is that you always fail to receive a security confirmation code via your cellphone, then you can send a 6-digit PIN via email.

Quoting from the official Facebook page here, here are the steps so that the security code can be sent via email.

  1. Re-confirm your cellphone number. Who knows the security code does not enter the cellphone because of the wrong number.
  2. Resend security code. Did it arrive? Otherwise, move on.
  3. The last step is that you just open this link, then choose the wrong number. Then enter your email address.
  4. Finished.

Logout Conditions and Phone Numbers Haven’t Been Changed

If your condition is logged out of Facebook, then unfortunately the cellphone number linked to the account has not been changed (Facebook automatically sends a security code to the old number), then sending the security code via email cannot be done.

Why? Because you are not logged into the account. So the only way is to confirm your identity via Facebook’s customer service.

Here’s how:

  1. Go to the Facebook help page here.
  2. Upload some of the ID scans Facebook asks for.
  3. Enter the old email that is linked to the Facebook account, then enter the new email that you can still contact.
  4. Wait to hear from Facebook. Usually a bit long.
  5. Finished.

Account Condition Hacked

If your account is hacked, you automatically don’t have access to your Facebook account. Can the hacker change his email and cellphone number, right?

Well, for this, you can report to Facebook that your account has been hacked. This is how…

  1. Go to the hacked Facebook page here.
  2. Click the double my account button.
  3. Enter the email and password that is linked to the Facebook account (just enter it as you remember, although it may have been changed by hackers).
  4. Fill in all the information Facebook asks for. Usually about full name, profile URL, problem type, cellphone number, etc.
  5. Upload a scan of your identity card.
  6. Wait for confirmation from Facebook via email or SMS. Usually after that you will be asked to take a selfie while holding an identity card, to confirm authenticity.
  7. Wait for Facebook to call back.
  8. Finished.

FAQ Recovering Facebook Account

How to get facebook generator code via email?

The trick, you have to reconfirm the cellphone number first to make sure that the Facebook system is having problems, so you want the security code to be sent to an email. After it is confirmed that you did not get the security code to the SMS, there will be an option for the code to be sent via email only.

My Facebook has been logged out, while my cellphone number has not been changed, how can I log back into my Facebook account?

If that’s the case, then you can’t send the security code to the email because you can’t confirm the cellphone number first. So the only way is to upload a scan of your identity card, then report it to Facebook.

My Facebook has been hacked, what should I do?

Facebook provides a special page to report hacked accounts. This: https://facebook.com/hacked/ there you are asked to fill in some information and also asked to upload an identity card to confirm ownership. After that, wait for Facebook to contact you.

That’s how to recover your Facebook account, whether it’s because you failed to receive the security code via SMS, and then want the code to be sent to your email; or because of other problems. We adapted this method from the official Facebook page and then we rewritten it in a language that we hope is more understandable. If it is not complete, please discuss below.